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Discover the unmatched finesse of wallpaper removal in Massachusetts with Michael P. McCarthy Painting’s seasoned experts. Whether you’ve experienced the vexation of attempting wallpaper removal yourself, grappling with its tedium and laboriousness, fear not! This task demands the touch of professionals! With an illustrious 47-year journey in the painting industry, we fearlessly undertake any wallpaper removal endeavor. Reach out to us at (617) 930-6650 to receive a complimentary quote and unlock the true potential of your living spaces!

Why Hire McCarthy Painting?

Why entrust your Massachusetts wallpaper removal service needs to Michael P. McCarthy Painting? There are several compelling reasons to choose us:

  • Unparalleled Experience – With a legacy that dates back to 1993, Michael P. McCarthy Painting has been honing the art of wallpaper removal for decades. Our skilled technicians possess the expertise and finesse to swiftly and efficiently remove wallpaper with ease.
  • Affordability Redefined – As seasoned professionals, we’ve mastered the art of combining swiftness with cost-effectiveness. Michael P. McCarthy Painting offers competitive pricing for our wallpaper removal services, ensuring that you receive exceptional value for a timely and professionally executed job. Reach out today for a complimentary quote and discover just how affordable our services can be.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – At Michael P. McCarthy Painting, your satisfaction is our top priority. We pledge to meet your exact specifications, going above and beyond to ensure that you are delighted with the results of your wallpaper removal. Choosing us means choosing excellence and a commitment to customer happiness.

In addition to our expertise in drywall repair, we also provide interior and exterior residential painting services, as well as professional wallpaper removal.

If you’re considering repainting your walls after drywall repair, we offer color consultation services to help you choose the perfect color scheme, giving your home a fresh and rejuvenated look.

Contact Us Today for All Your Plaster & Drywall Repair Needs

Are you seeking a dependable and trustworthy contractor in Massachusetts to repair damaged drywall in your home? Look no further! Reach out to us today, and we’ll gladly offer you a free estimate, providing a comprehensive overview of the services we aim to deliver and the associated repair costs. Don’t delay; contact us now!

Wallpaper Removal Near Me in Waltham MA

Looking to transform the interior of your home or business in Waltham, MA? Look no further than Michael P. McCarthy Painting, Inc., your trusted partner for wallpaper removal services in the area. With our expertise and dedication to excellence, we are your top choice for all your wallpaper removal needs. We know that wallpaper removal can be a challenging and time-consuming task. That’s why we have a team of skilled professionals who are well-equipped to handle even the toughest wallpaper removal jobs. Whether you have outdated wallpaper that needs to go or you’re preparing your walls for a fresh coat of paint, our team can get the job done efficiently and with precision.

Our wallpaper removal services are not only about taking down old wallpaper; we also focus on ensuring that your walls are left in pristine condition. We use the latest techniques and tools to minimize damage to your walls and leave them ready for your desired finish. What sets us apart from the rest is our commitment to customer satisfaction. We take the time to understand your specific needs and work closely with you to achieve the results you envision. Our friendly and professional team is dedicated to delivering high-quality craftsmanship and completing projects on time and within budget.

If you need wallpaper removal near you in Waltham, MA, Michael P. McCarthy Painting, Inc. is the name you can trust. Contact us today to schedule your wallpaper removal project, and let us help you transform your space with our expert services.


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If you’re interested in our painting services call the local painting company experts at Michael P. McCarthy Painting, Inc. today.

Our commitment to our customers is the foundation of our business. We hire only the best professional painters who are skilled and talented at what they do. Whether you need commercial or residential painting services, you can rely on the team at Michael P. McCarthy Painting, Inc to provide exceptional customer service, combined with beautiful, professional results.

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