Your living room is a central part of your home. Most likely it is a space in your home where you spend a lot of time. It should, therefore, be a place that brings you peace and that sets the tone for how you’d like to use the space.

Interior painting can be the difference between a gorgeous and welcoming area to invite your friends and a cramped and dingy room that you ignore. Here are some of our best tips to create the living room of your dreams.

1. Bold Accents

Paint serves as a way to open, close off, and distinguish between spaces. To build each room into a unique and separate space, house painting professionals recommend the use of accenting. This suggests the selective use of a shade of paint distinct from the rest of the room. The accent colour on columns, small sections of wall, or frames can delineate parts or features of a room. In addition to distinguishing separate rooms, accents on select features can bring attention to unique or interesting features. Common accented features include interesting doors, door knobs, fireplaces, windows, crown moulding, and more.

2. Modern Professional

Are you looking for a comfortable, professional space to work and host social gatherings, one that you also can decorate/maintain easily? We suggest a soft pink, paired with neutral greys and white. These neutral, yet interesting colour choices make for a clean, high-end look. Soft, dreamy pinks and greys instantly make for a classy and timeless living room. These colours look great regardless of the accompanying decorations. Your living room will support your image as a hard-working industry professional in the modern era.

3. Soft and Earthy

A room with grey stone, marble, or granite can feel old and dark. Give your space an earthy vibe with a soft green wall paint. This can make small spaces feel infinitely cozier. It can turn a cold closet into a grassy meadow with a few simple strokes. Rooms with brick or wood typically function better with warmer colours.

4. Clean and Fresh

Lighter colours are one of the simplest ways to prevent a room from looking cluttered or dingy. With the simplicity of a clean off-white wall, your attention is drawn to room accents like wall pillows or throws. The space feels clean, stylistically cohesive, and uncluttered.

5. A Dash of Sunshine

When people first enter this area they notice if the room is well lit. However, you don’t need windows to make a small space feel big and bright. Let in a little sunshine with some light orange and yellow tones. Using a warm, bright colour in any space immediately opens it right up!

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