This is a question that every painting contractors gets, and something homeowners seem to struggle with when completing their diy projects.  It depends on the project and the quality of the paint, but generally, two coats is the answer!

Exterior Surfaces
Without question two coats of paint should be applied when painting exterior surfaces.  Outdoor surfaces are exposed to nature elements and our new england weather which makes it difficult to get away with cutting corners here. Paint jobs are prone to peeling or fading if products are not applied properly, which may include using only one coat of paint, or failing to properly prep the surface by pressure washing, priming, etc. Which is why it is so important to hire a contractor with a commitment to quality work. Even in Massachusetts weather, a properly applied paint job can last as long as six to ten years. Hiring the right painting contractor makes a difference.
Interior Surfaces
With interior painting you still need to be concerned with durability and with coverage.  In general, we still use two coats is a good rule of thumb. The thicker coverage, again, provides greater durability, and it also makes it easier for you to wash or scrub the surface if needed.  A minimum of two coats are also a must if you are making a significant change in color – especially if you are going from white to more vibrant colors.  On the other hand, if you are re-painting a wall in the same color or a very similar color, a single coat might do it but we are most likely going to do two.
The number of coats required may change with the quality of paint used.  Unfortunately, low quality are exactly that, low quality. These paints don’t hide well and can result in making you do more work.  High quality paint has better pigments, better resins, better additives, and more solids.  The better the paint the thicker its quality and the more it covers the job.

To be safe, two coats is better than one.  In addition, buying better quality paint may save you from having to apply too many coats thus saving you a lot of time.

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