In order to make sure that the exterior paint of your home’s exterior is in tip top shape means repainting it when the time comes, but the big question is how often do you need to repaint? Typically, as a homeowner you will want to paint your home’s exterior roughly every 7 – 10 years. This will help maintain a beautiful exterior of you home. Now there are other factors to consider that will effect how often you should paint the exterior of your home.

What Affects How Often You Should Paint?

Several factors actually can affect how often you should paint the exterior of your home. This includes the materials of your walls to the environment to the paint used- Here are several factors that will play a part in the home painting timeline.

Wall Materials:

Every home is going to be different because depending on the building materials used for your exterior walls, the timeline for how often you should paint will vary. As a rule of thumb for each material, you can use the following estimations as a reference for how long paint will last on each surface:

  • Wood – 3-7 years, or 4-7 years if it is stained
  • Aluminum – 5 years
  • Stucco – 5-6 years
  • Brick – 15-20 years

The Environment:

Your environment will also play a massive role in how often you should paint the exterior of a home. The harsh weather from the New England seasons and how much sun your walls get will be important to take into account when deciding if it’s time to paint or not.

The Paint

When painting the exterior of your home, the paint you use will make all the difference. If the right type of paint is used, it can maximize the life of your paint job, but if the wrong kind of paint was used, you might have to paint sooner than you planned. Be sure to research which type of paint will be best for the material of your walls and the environment that your home is in.

How Do You Know if You Need to Paint the Exterior of a Home?

Thankfully, knowing how often you should paint the exterior of your home is pretty simple. Looking for signs like chalking, faded, or peeling paint will let you know right away that it’s time to touch up your exterior paint job. By evaluating your paint regularly, you will be able to stay on top of your paint and keep your home looking its best.

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